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Solar Power Plant with Wind Turbine option
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Solar power plant with excellent slow wind, vertical-axis wind turbine rated for 500Watt peak. with dual controller-cum-battery charger to charge your 2 batteries (12v+12v

i.e. 24V system with your batteries and inverter)for only 45K after special discount. The blades are vertically oriented and the unit is stable with no significant noise that can disturb birds and even residents near the installation. Has been successfully installed in educational institutions and works very well at slow wind speeds generating a peak output of 500 Watts. The hybrid controller provided has inputs for both wind turbine and solar panels. This is the ideal combination that will generate power during the day and night.

Solar Power Plant with Wind Turbine option

Brigade Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka
Apr 18
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Brigade Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka
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