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About Sheets Quality

Eased edge gypsum board which has a tapered and slightly rounded or beveled factory edge It may be used as an aid in custom finishing of joints

Exterior gypsum soffit board is board designed for use on the undersides of eaves canopies carports and other commercial and residential exterior applications with indirect exposure to the weather Soffit board is available in 1/2 or 5/8 -inch thicknesses with both regular and Type X core

Foil-backed gypsum board has aluminum foil laminated to the back surface of regular gypsum board or other gypsum panel products Foil-backed panels serve as vapor barriers

Gypsum base for veneer plaster serves as a base for thin coats of hard high strength gypsum veneer plaster

Gypsum liner board serves as a liner panel in shaft walls stairwells chase ways area separation fire walls and corridor ceilings It has a special fire-resistant core encased in moisture-resistant paper Liner board is available in ¾ or 1 -inch thicknesses widths of 24 or 48 inches and with square edges (sometimes eased square edges) Gypsum liner board is also available with fiberglass mat facing that increases its weather and mold resistance

Gypsum sheathing is used as a protective fire resistive membrane under exterior wall surfacing materials such as wood siding masonry veneer stucco and shingles It also provides protection against the passage of water and wind and adds structural rigidity to the framing system The noncombustible core is surfaced with water repellent paper; in addition it may also have a water resistant core Available in 2 feet and 4 feet widths ½ -inch and 5/8 -inch thick It is also available with Type X core Gypsum sheathing is also available with a glass mat facing This product is more weather resistant and mold resistant than paper-faced gypsum sheathing and it is often used as a substrate for Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems (EIFS)

Impact-resistant gypsum panels offer greater resistance to the impact of solid objects from high traffic and vandalism than standard gypsum panels

Non-paper-faced gypsum board is unfaced or has a facing other than paper

Regular gypsum board (gypsum wallboard) is used as a surface layer on walls and ceilings

Sag-resistant board is a ceiling panel that offers greater resistance to sagging than regular gypsum products used for ceilings where framing is typically spaced 24 inches o c

Type C or Proprietary Type-X gypsum board is available in ½ -inch and 5/8 -inch thicknesses and is required in some fire rated assemblies Additional additives give this product improved fire resistive properties

Type X gypsum board is available in ½ -inch and 5/8 -inch thicknesses and has an improved fire resistance made possible through the use of special core additives It is also available with a predecorated finish Type X gypsum board is used in most fire rated assemblies

Water-resistant gypsum board has a water resistant gypsum core and a water repellent paper It serves as a base for ceramic or plastic wall tile or plastic finish panels in non-wet areas This product is available with a regular or Type X core and in ½ -inch and 5/8 -inch thicknesses

Note: Do not use water-resistant gypsum board on ceilings or soffits unless extra framing is installed; do not exceed 12 inches o c between framing members Do not use water-resistant gypsum board as a tile-backing substrate material where the final surface is directly exposed to running water; select one of several specialty products including glass-mat-faced gypsum board or cement-based board as a tile-backing substrate for areas directly exposed to running water

Limitations of Use

For installation of gypsum board and finishes maintain room temperature at not less than 40 degrees F for the mechanical application of gypsum board and not less

Pop design, celling design, Border , Flower ect.

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