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NTT Montessori Teacher 0


Position typeFull-time
Salary periodMonthly
Salary from6000
Salary to8000


Good communication skills in English, Hindi and the local language.

•Good listening skills.

•Class management skills.

•Creativity skills.

•Observation skills.

•Relationship management skills.

•Good Presentation skills.


•10+2(PUC)/Degree with good communication skills.

•NTT(Nursery Teachers Training)/Montessori Teachers Training.

•1-2 years of teaching experience.

•Art & Craft or Music & Dance training is preferable.


•Follow the monthly syllabus and teach according to the time table.

•Must prepare herself about the topic/book/notebook/activity book before level to offer lesson.

•Must explain topic/concept to all.

•Must ask questions and encourage students to answer.

•Must give examples.

•Must use props, models, Montessori materials, flash cards, charts, objects to explain concepts.

•Must demonstrate lesson.

•Must supervise children all the time.

•Must put effort to adhere and complete portions of syllabus.

•Must correct and put positive remarks.

Planning & Preparation

•Must plan extra-curricular activity celebration as per activity guidelines.

•Must procure props, materials, models, charts, flashcards before presentation.

•Must plan events and prepare children accordingly.

Parent Notes

•Must send Notes/SMS to parents well in advance.


•Must be present during all PTMs.

•Must keep records of PTMs.

•Must keep all documents, books, notebooks, activity forms ready for the parents to see.

•Must give positive feedbacks always.


•Must complete the new teacher orientation training module before starting to take classes.

•Must attend all PDTs.

•Must ask questions during training.

•Must think and give relevant suggestions.

Safety & Security

•Must follow all safety guidelines.

•Must follow NCLB. ( No Child Left Behind )

•Must follow Gate duty.

•Must follow play time duty.

•Must follow drop and pick up card.

•Must follow induction card.

•Must report incident.

•Must take care the entire center carefully.

Attendance & Punctuality

•Must come on time daily.

•Must not take leave without prior information.

•Avoid taking leave between Monday to Friday.


• Must take assistance of smart teacher for teaching in class

₹ 6000 - 8000 | Monthly

NTT Montessori Teacher

ZETA I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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ZETA I, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
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