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Adapt to a growing market

Magic Mirror Photo Booth rentals are all the rage , if you are activitiy organizers , you should face to weddings , school proms , parties , corporate events , charity dinner and any other conceivable, that sounds complex , you just need to customize various overlays to match different theme in the templates of software , the Big Magic Mirror Photo Booth will look stylish at any venues .

Low investment and high returns

If you are rental companys , photographic studios , event planners , you can expand your busiess by the Magic Mirror Photo Booth easily , you can earn 20000/- 30000/ from every event , under the increasing demands , the returns will more and more high .

Features & details

MUTIPURPOSE : The magic mirror photo booth can be used in all sorts of events , just like weddings , parties and more , give guests a way to socialize and leave memories with photos .The preset experences , and photos will record their amusing memory.

HIGH PROFIT : Each big magic mirror photo booth usually costs from 199000/ - 285000/, it will earn from 20000/- 30000/ per event , low investment will yields high returns.

HIGH DEFINITION : The magic mirror photo booth have a 1080p touch screen , and our camera lens is Canon DSLR , this DSLR usually used by professional photographer.

DURABLE : The shell of product is Light weight premium metalwith useful appearance , the screen is stalinite and ir touch frame , you don't need to care about the quality problem.

WARRANTY : As a company integrated R&D and produce,we have 1 years warranty for big magic morror photo booth.If there is non-man-madedamage within one year, we will replace a new parts for free. If there is no-man-made damage within 1 years, we will replace the components which is broken.



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Magic mirror photo booth (Selfie mirror booth)

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