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Jade and Tourmaline stone mattress
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Ceramaxx Jade stone and Tourmaline stone heating mattress uses 253pcs of natural jade & tourmaline stones,

To deliver deep penetrating heat (infrared rays) which can penetrate all the way to your bones and create a uniform warming effect – Without any side effects or risks.

Hot jade stones heating mattress helps in many health problems like:

*Back pain


*Deep muscle tissue pain


*Joints pain



*Flushes out impurities in Blood

*Strengthens the cardio vascular system

*Stimulates enzymes and metabolism

*Detoxify the Blood in the Body




*Blood pressure




…and basically any body pain you’d take painkillers or get massage / physiotherapy for !

Ceramaxx franchise Hubli

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Jade and Tourmaline stone mattress

Deshpande Nagar, Hubballi, Karnataka
Aug 30
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Deshpande Nagar, Hubballi, Karnataka
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