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Are you not getting your target Band score? Are you still getting 5.5 overall or each? Are you still interested to achieve higher Band score like 8 or 9 overall. It's mean, you don't have a deep knowledge of IELTS. You are lacking many secrets of deep understanding of it.

Point is clear, that you are unable to give your 100% . But how can you give your the best? if you are not having a proper knowledge of English language. For better understanding, read this massage.

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Why do an Indian students not get their targeting band score?

1. They consume huge amounts of information.

They have watched every YouTube video, read every IELTS book and are signed up for every Facebook group related to IELTS.

They constantly consume information about IELTS. They think they are working hard and all this hard work will lead to success. It won’t.

Firstly, there is a huge gap between learning how to do something and actually doing it. 

Could you learn how to drive a car, cook a delicious meal or play football by just reading about it? No! Why do you think writing is any different?

Secondly, there is so much confusing and conflicting information out there about IELTS, that it is no mystery why consuming that information is going to cause more harm than good. This brings us on to point number 2.

2. They have many different ‘teachers’.

Ever been in an IELTS class and you have heard something like this? ‘But my other teacher says to do it differently.’, ‘But ‘IELTS Jimmy’ says the opposite on his website.’ or ‘My cousin met an ‘ex-examiner’ and she said to do it another way.’

At best, the advice you’ll hear about IELTS is conflicting. At worst, it is just wrong. In fact, the vast majority of advice I see online is wrong.

For example, you’ll hear one teacher who tells you to use lots of ‘high-level vocabulary’, another teacher who will tell you to ‘keep it simple’ and someone else who will tell you that you should use ‘a specific list of words’.

Who wouldn’t be confused with all this information floating around?

What you write is a reflection of your thinking. If your thinking is confused, your writing will also be. 

3. They hope they will get a good score.

Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a factor.

How many times have you heard about students doing the test for the 10th, 11th, 12th time? The most common thing you’ll hear from these students is ‘I hope I’m lucky next time.’

The reason why you are failing is not because you have bad luck. If you get 5.5 10 times in a row, that is your level.

You can improve things but not until you figure out why you are not getting the score you need and actually improve. 

4. They look for shortcuts, tips and hacks.

‘My IELTS test is next week, can you give me some tips to get a Band 7.’

That ^^^^ is the most common email I receive. Many students contact every week to me and asking for the ‘secret hack’ that will help them get a Band 7.

Let’s put this into perspective. 3,00,000 people do the IELTS test each year. If hacks existed, the person who had them would be very rich. However, they don’t exist.

It’s the same reason why people want to lose weight without giving up junk food. It’s the same reason why people want 6 pack abs without doing any exercise.

There are no shortcuts. You are lying to yourself and wasting your time and money. 

5. They do not take action.

I’m lucky enough to know some very successful people. None of them are that intelligent. None of them have a ‘secret’. All of them take massive action.

In the ending, I would like to say, you must avail private classes, if you want to get higher band score. Waisting your time is mean draining your life.

Important: Private coaching can not give any miracle, but it can make you an expert of the English language. And as you know that English is mother of IELTS. "Don't believe, Don't call" if you call then one call may change your life.

IELTS Home Tutor with 4 days Demo. Result Guaranteed. Call Now.

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