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Carnatic Music Instrument , *Orginal Thanjavur Veena
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*Good Condition

*Orgingal Thanjavur Hand-made Veena

*It is unique in Thanjavur because the instrument is made from a particular strain of matured jack fruit tree found only in that area. It has a large, round body with a thick, wide neck, the end of which is carved into the head of a dragon. A small resonator is attached to the underside of the neck. The veena has 24 metal frets embedded in hardened bees-wax, mixed with charcoal powder.

*The veena is about four feet in length consisting of a large resonator (kudam), a wooden bridge (kudurai), a tapering hollow neck (dandi), and a small resonator.

₹ 45,000

Carnatic Music Instrument , *Orginal Thanjavur Veena

Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala
3 days ago

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Athirampuzha, Kottayam, Kerala
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