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Automatic Power Factor Panel (APFC)
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We are manufacturer of customisable power factor correction panel according to your need.

Advantages which can be achieved by employing the proper power factor correction scheme are:

Increase in efficiency due to Reduction of power consumption.

Reduction in power consumption leads to a reduction in greenhouse gasses.

Reduction of electricity bills.

Availability of extra KVA from the same existing supply.

Reduction of I²R losses in transformers and distribution equipment.

Some of the common Machines where we can use these panels are :

Automobile Industries.

Metal Industries.

Pharmaceutical Industries.

Cement Industries.

Chemical Plants.

Windmills & Power Stations.

Textile Machinery.

Printing Industries.


Hospitals, Malls, Banks, and IT Parks.

Commercial Complexes.

Food Processing Plants.

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Automatic Power Factor Panel (APFC)

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Police Colony Rudrapur, Rudrapur, Uttaranchal
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