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5 Mini Bookshelf Satellite Panda Audio Speakers Home Theatre Music use
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READ FIRST! Senseless offers or gyaan attitude babas will be responded appropriately and blocked. This is a professional site and not anyones personal webpage to give gyaan back. Please stick to the deal and avoid getting personal.

These speakers are like the B&W M1s or the Q Acoustic 7000 series which are compact and excellent sounding. They perform well like the expensive Satellite Bookshelf speakers out there.

This is not a desperate deal for money. I can wait for the RIGHT buyer to come and close the deal. Ad meant for SERIOUS buyers.

Fraudsters, Timepassers, Resellers, Dealers, if you want to make a clean deal then only contact. No wasting anyone's time

• Don’t ask mobile number without READING the ad. Make an EFFORT to read the detailed ad which has more information than you will ever see in any other ad. I believe in transparency & clarity I follow the rules & guidelines. I am not a dealer!

• Not interested in Gyaan stories about type of speakers you may have used or discuss market economics, I am well versed either like you or better than you. Let’s keep the deal simple, if you are reading this ad, you clearly want to buy good preowned speakers. Let’s discuss the deal only.

• Face to Face deal. Whoever comes to my place needs to be fully vaccinated and follow current guidelines.

• No EMIs or COD or Credit or Charity or Exchange options. Only Cash and Carry deal please. No budget sob stories etc. We all have our own stories in life!

• Absolutely No free demos walk ins. Please respect my home, Only finalised buyer (one person) or representative will come to check working demo of all 5 speakers for 15 mins and close the deal.

• Once the deal is done, no returns or exchanges or refunds or complaints. I am not Yamraj to predict the future. This is an electronic & how you maintain and use it is entirely on you. It is buyer’s risk and liability once you walk out of my door with the Speakers. If you have concerns about pre owned products, please then buy new speakers and dont hunt on this website.

• If you don’t understand the ad language, please use free online available translators and copy the ad content in your desired language.

• Outstation buyers, please first check if you have someone to come & close the deal for you then proceed with reading & finalizing a deal with me.

Don't Expect a Mercedes at the price of a Maruti. Hard bargainers or resellers or dealers or gyan babas who claim intelligence stay away!

Absolutely no shipping or courier from my end. It is buyer’s responsibility, risk and cost. Preference to Local buyers. Don’t want to hear stories about shipping costs or travel costs. That is to be managed at your end. You want something, you need to spend. Good things are not CHEAP!

Brand: Panda Audio (India since late 1990s)

Age: 8 months, Purchased in Jan 2022. Warranty over.

Condition 9/10 as good as showroom display, well maintained.

Repairs: None, kept and used very sparingly over weekends.

Sale Reason: Upgrade

Accessories: Only supplied Wall mount bracket with each speaker, see photos. No box or packing available.

Specs: Please refer to uploaded photo.

Current MRP: Rs 3500/- each Total MRP 17500/- for 5 speakers.

Actual pics are updated and speakers are very sparingly used for 3-8 hours over weekends when I have time.

Review everything make up your mind and then only contact me to close a deal. The price is kept very reasonable keeping the age and use in mind.

These speakers produce decent bass but adding a subwoofer would be ideal. I use a subwoofer with them. They can tolerate our changing Indian weather conditions and no loss in performance.

Low budget offers or sabji offers will be ignored and BLOCKED! This is sale of 5 speakers ONLY in its as is working condition.

Thanks for reading, now decide and close a deal!

₹ 14,999

5 Mini Bookshelf Satellite Panda Audio Speakers Home Theatre Music use

Church Gate, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Church Gate, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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