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List of Top 10 Best Cheap Used Cars in India 

cheap used cars in india

For the past few years, cars have been a top priority for many. However, a new, expensive car will come with high prices and monthly payments that could cost an arm and a leg.

So, if you want to upgrade your ride or buy a car for the first time, it’s always important to find that one car that won’t break the bank. But if you want to get a reliable vehicle without spending too much, used cars are the best. 

Cheap Used Cars in India You can Think to Buy

1) Maruti WagonR

A reliable WagonR is the most popular used car in the pre-owned segment. It has fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and a roomy cabin. Not only are all these models readily available, but they are also affordable, starting at 3 Lakhs.

2) Maruti Baleno

The second comes from the Maruti family is Baleno. It is a highly efficient car with a fuel efficiency of 16.27 kmpl and has 8 airbags.

The high-efficiency engine, low-weight body, and multi-link suspension system ensure that it rides smoothly without much noise. It is also easily available in the used car market at reasonable prices. 

3) Maruti Suzuki Swift 

Suzuki Swift’s good looks have made it the trendiest hatchback in the Indian used car market. It is one of the hottest cheap used cars. It offers compact, airy interior space and easy-to-drive handling that prolongs fuel efficiency at a competitive price.

4) Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

Ciaz made its debut at the Auto Expo 2018 in Delhi. It is available in five variants- Ciaz X, XZ, ZX, ZRX, ZSRX. In addition, the hatchback variant Ciaz X is now available in two colors- Black and Grey.

The Ciaz is a compact SUV offering good space in the cabin and impressive ride quality that makes it a right fit into your budget. 

5) Maruti Suzuki Alto

The Maruti Suzuki Alto is a fantastically affordable car with a good resale value and low maintenance cost. It has contributed to its customers giving priority to Alto when buying cheap used cars in India. It allows them to buy an excellent vehicle without going broke.

6) Hyundai Elite i20

The Hyundai Elite i20 is one of the best second hand cars to buy. The frugal engines, tested performance and dependability, are its significant advantages.

This spacious hatch is available in petrol and diesel engines and has four variants. So if you are looking for a used car that has a premium quality that will carry you through any day with ease, this is it!

7) Hyundai Verna

The Hyundai Verna is a preferred choice because it has a wide variety of models for all buyers. It has low maintenance prices for those who are on a tight budget.

The diesel engine variant is more powerful and fuel-efficient than the other variants. However, you won’t have to compromise on performance because the petrol economy cars are also just as reliable!

8) Toyota Innova

Toyota, a Japanese company, is one of the world’s largest car makers. The Toyota Innova has always been the go-to vehicle if you want to upgrade your ride.

The Toyota Innova has remained the leader in the MPV segment of vehicles for its technicality, cabin space, and low maintenance.

9) Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Car

The Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Car is a high-end SUV that seats up to seven passengers. It has ample cargo space for carrying heavy items like luggage, groceries, and equipment. It also has great durability with its 4WD system, making it reliable in all types of weather.

It does not come under cheap used sports cars, but if you have a good budget and want to enjoy adventure rides, this one is for you. 

10) Jeep Compass

Another hitting on the list is Jeep Compass. It is among the cheap used sports cars you can easily get in the pre-owned cars market. For the last five years, the Jeep Compass has been the best-selling SUV in India.

Plus, it comes with tons of safety features like airbags, ABS brakes, and traction control to make sure you are safe on every journey.

The Bottom Line

In today’s world, owning a car has become a necessity. But, if you are wondering where to buy cheap second hand cars the answer is OLX Autos.

Your trusted auto eCommerce platform helps you buy and sell cheap used cars in India online in a few clicks. You can also get a wide range of cheap used sports cars on our portal. Our team of experts will guide you at every step and make the entire process of buying and selling used cars hassle-free.  So, list it and sell it.

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