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Best Second Hand Cars to Buy in India

best cars to buy

It has become increasingly difficult to obtain a brand new car without a hefty price tag. In that case, buy second hand car can be a good option. Ease on the pocket, individual mobility, low maintenance, and cost-effectiveness are some of the seamless benefits of buying a pre owned car. However, choosing that one perfect ride amongst those thousands of available options can be daunting.

10 best second hand cars to buy in India:

Maruti Suzuki Swift

Maruti Suzuki Swift is always on top of the best second hand cars to buy in India. It has a unique look with multiple engine options. It is a budget car with good mileage and low maintenance cost that accommodates five passengers easily. If you are a newbie in driving and want to buy second hand car, then Swift is a ride you can bank upon. 

  • Price Range of Pre owned Maruti Suzuki Swift – 1.50 Lakh- 4.5 Lakh
  • Variants – ZXI + AMT, LXI, VXI, ZXI, VDi,VDi AMT, ZDi AMT, ZDi Plus, ZDi Plus AMT
  • Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
  • Transmission – Manual/Automatic  AMT
  • Mileage – 20.2 to 23.76 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity -37.0
  • Body Type – Hatchback
Pros Cons
Peppy car Not very spacious  
Easy to drive No automatic transmission
Cruise control  Diesel model is no longer available
Fuel efficient  Not for off-roading


Maruti Suzuki WagonR

Next comes on the list is Maruti Suzuki’s WagonR. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to value, safety, and low operating expenses in a compact car. It’s a sporty automobile with safety features that provides more cabin space for less money than any small car. WagonR is a fantastic small family car for enjoying family excursions worry-free.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Maruti Suzuki WagonR– 1.10 Lakh- 4.2 Lakh
  • Variants– R LXI,VXI, ZXI
  • Fuel Type – Petrol/CNG
  • Transmission – Manual/Automatic  AMT
  • Mileage – 12.19 to 20.52 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity -32
  • Body Type – Hatchback
Pros Cons
AMT available for both engines Engine vibrations  
ABS standard Not for long drives or off-roading
Dual front airbags   No diesel model
Spacious hatchback   Stiff suspension


Maruti Alto 800

The Maruti Alto 800 is also one of the best second hand cars to buy in India. You will get a sense of performance, reliability, and comfort all in one car. It provides excellent value for money and a  great ride for individual mobility with high mileage. You do not need to worry about heavy dents and tear expenses as it has a low maintenance cost. With Alto, you can brush up on your driving skills without tension. Its different variants are readily available in the used automobiles market. You can pick any one of your choices at a reasonable price. 

  • Price Range of Pre owned Maruti Alto 800 – 1.10 Lakh- 3.5 Lakh
  • Variants – LXI S-CNG, LXI Opt S-CNG, VXI Plus, STD, STD Opt, LXI, LXI Opt, VXI
  • Fuel Type – Petrol/CNG
  • Transmission – Manual
  • Mileage – 22-32 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity -35
  • Body Type – Hatchback
Pros Cons
Wide service network Light and weak structure 
Budget hatchback Squealing sounds from the engine
Dual front airbags   Not a joint family car
Spacious cabin  Wheel vibration 


Hyundai i20

The next hit on the list is the Hyundai i20. Even if you buy second hand car, it is a great vehicle to drive. With its decent interior and mileage, you can choose the Hyundai i20 to upgrade your ride without paying a heavy amount and additional charges. This mini hatchback is easy to drive and maintain. You can also add accessories of your choice to give it a look as per your taste.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Hyudai i20 – 2.30 Lakh- 5.0 Lakh
  • Variants – Magna, Sportz, Asta
  • Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
  • Transmission Manual/ Automatic (CVT) 
  • Mileage – 20-25.2 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 37.0
  • Body Type – Hatchback
Pros Cons
Adaptive and dynamic Heavy steering  
Effortlessly superior Electric window motors failing
Iconic exteriors and interiors    Not so good on mileage
Intelligent connectivity   No CNG variant


Mahindra Scorpio 

The Mahindra Scorpio is a vehicle to consider if you want to update your present ride by purchasing a second hand car. It’s a robust SUV that sells well in both new and used automobile markets. Scorpio is the first generation of Indian SUVs, which dominated the SUV market for many years. It is a dream car for many because of its solid structure and reliability.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Mahindra Scorpio – 3.50 Lakh- 5.5 Lakh
  • Variants– S3 Plus, S3 Plus 9 Seater, S5, S7, S9, S11
  • Fuel Type– Diesel
  • Transmission Manual
  • Mileage – 14 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 60.0
  • Body Type – SUV
Pros Cons
7-9 passenger seating capacity No mind-blowing music system  
Rugged good looks  Suspension problem
Plush interiors/ Advanced technology  High maintenance 
Perfect ride for on and off roads   Not available in petrol 


Volkswagen Polo

The ability to manage power and excellent fuel efficiency are two of the biggest reasons to consider a used Volkswagen Polo. In addition, its higher-powered engine, alloy wheels, leather upholstery are notable characteristics.

Driving Polo is a fantastic experience; it is the safest car, and it looks gorgeous and attractive. The Polo is an excellent choice if you frequently commute in or out of the city. 

  • Price Range of Pre Owned Volkswagen Polo – 2.92 Lakh- 6.5 Lakh
  • Variants– MPI Trendline, MPI Comfortline, TSI Comfortline, TSI Comfortline, TSI Comfortline AT, TSI Highline Plus, TSI Highline Plus AT, TSI GT
  • Fuel Type– Petrol
  • Transmission Manual/Automatic
  • Mileage – 17-18 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 45
  • Body Type – Hatchback
Pros Cons
Turbo engine with a lot of power High maintenance
High-quality structure  No reverse camera  
Easy handling  Not available in diesel fule type
Advanced technology    High cost of spare parts


Toyota Innova

The next pre owned car on the list is Toyota Innova. If your family size has increased or you want to enjoy a monster ride, go for Innova. It is the perfect car for those who travel as much as they live– its interiors are as beautiful and comfortable. Innova embodies the ideal balance between power, beauty, comfort, and productivity.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Toyota Innova – 3.55 Lakh- 8.5 Lakh
  • Variants– GX, VX,ZX
  • Fuel Type– Diesel
  • TransmissionManual/Automatic
  • Mileage-11-16 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 55
  • Body Type – MUV
Pros Cons
Super mileage in MUV segment High maintenance
Unmatched safety  High cost of spare parts
Cutting-edge technology   NVH(Noise, Vibration, Harshness)levels are average
7 passenger seating capacity    Expensive vehicle


Tata Safari

With a 24-hour convenience store on wheels, the Safari offers an array of convenience. Its three rows of seats make a long-route journey more comfortable for seven passengers. So if you are searching for a family-sized roomy SUV, Safari is designed to suit you. Outfitted with up-to-date technology and plush design, it provides a convincing recreation of the original Safari.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Tata Safari – 4.55 Lakh- 10.5 Lakh
  • Variants– XE,XT+,XZA,XM,XZ,XZA+6S,XMA,XTA+,XT,XZ+65
  • Fuel Type– Diesel
  • TransmissionManual/Automatic
  • Mileage-14.08-16.14 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity-50
  • Body Type– SUV
Pros Cons
Excellent ride quality High maintenance
Spacious and comfortable  Infotainment system needs improvement
Cabin space/automated transmission Suspension noise
Easy handling    High-priced vehicle


Honda City

India is a hot spot for second-hand cars, and the next trendy name amongst them is Honda City. The space inside the car is excellent based on Honda’s philosophy of Man Maximum, Machine Minimum. The rear seats are very comfy. Although a diesel engine is preferable for long-distance travel, its petrol engine trims are better for city and highway travel.

  • Price Range of Pre owned Honda City – 3.50 Lakh- 5.5 Lakh
  • VariantsV MT, V CVT, VX MT, V MT Diesel, ZX MT, VX CVT, VX MT Diesel, ZX CVT
  • Fuel Type – Petrol/Diesel
  • TransmissionManual/Automatic
  • Mileage -15.32-24.1 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 40
  • Body Type– Sedan
Pros Cons
Smartly styled with dignified stature Low ground clearance 
Ample legroom for a comfortable driving Air-condition system needs to be improved
Advanced CVT to make the ride smoother Noisy engine
India’s first car with remote capability Overpriced vehicle compared to rivals


Mahindra Thar

If you currently own a car but want to go on an adventure and enjoy off-roading, the Thar is the vehicle for you. Instead of spending a big chunk of money to buy a new Thar, you can check some good pre owned options on several auto platforms online. It is ideal for driving in rough terrain. However, go for it if you do not have budget constraints.

  • Price Range of Pre Owned Mahindra Thar – 4.50 Lakh- 10.5 Lakh
  • VariantsAX CT MT, LX CT AT, LX HT MT, LX CT MT
  • Fuel Type– Petrol/Diesel
  • TransmissionManual/Automatic
  • Mileage-15 kmpl
  • Fuel Tank Capacity -57
  • Body Type– SUV
Pros Cons
Timeless good looks Not a family car
Suitable for all terrains Cooling, heating and AC problem 
Loaded with top-notch technology Rusting is a common problem
Meets global crash safety norms Not comfortable in daily city commutation 


Second Hand Car Buying – Mini Guide

While there are many ways to save money when it comes to buying a car, here is a second hand car buying guide that helps you to crack the best deal without breaking your bank:

  • When buying an automobile, the first thing to consider is how much it will cost you and its maintenance expenses.
  • Look for a reliable and comfortable car with amenities that will come in helpful on long drives. 
  • Before buying a pre-owned car, make sure that you take it for a test drive. You should ensure that the car drives as smoothly as it looks and has enough room for passengers.
  • Check previous accident records and see if any kind of damage was reported and how long the car has been on the market.
  • Validate all the necessary documents and registration certificates to avoid chaos after signing the sale agreement.

The Bottom Line

Buying a car is a big commitment, and it may take a while to filter through all the various options. In order to keep your family safe, especially after the pandemic outbreak, pre owned car is better to avoid getting into public transportation.

Plus you can save a good amount of money. Buy second hand car from auto eCommerce classifieds that offers you a wide range of used vehicles at fair prices.

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